We are a custom, turn-key showroom traffic solution that can be implemented into your dealership today. Our state-of-the-art call center, located in Boca Raton, Florida, built around elite phone closers and “Buy or Die” culture help dealers sell more cars.

First-In-Class Centralized Automotive Call Center​

Capture Sales Leads

Capture Service Leads

Data-Mining Delivery​

World-Class Customer Experience​


We use technology to identify the customer’s hot-button. Our team utilizes this information to create custom messaging that mirrors the customer’s buying behavior. We deliver excitement and urgency to direct the customer to buy NOW.


We are an accountable partner with a proven track record. We believe in our team enough to guarantee you results. 

If we don’t increase your appointments and shows, you don’t pay!

Our Dealer Services

Our Sales BDC Team

On average, customers purchase within 8 days of submitting a lead and only visit 1.3 dealers to buy a car.

Our innovative follow-up plan and team structure, supercharged by our “Buy or Die” mentality puts the customer in your showroom instead of your competitors.

Our Sales Data-Mining Team

On average, we find our dealers an additional 72 sales per month from their database and Service-Drive. The Sales Data-mining team finds customers in your database and gives them a reason to be in the market today to help increase retention, profit margins, and market share. It’s all about the right message to the right customer at the right time!

Our Outbound Service Team

On average, each Repair Order ticket is worth 275 dollars to a dealer. The outbound service team looks for customers that have not been in your service drive before or recently.

They will create time-sensitive service campaigns to bring more traffic in service lanes to increase RO count and retention, not to mention bottom-line!

Our Dealer Services

At Star Performance Marketing’s Central BDC we don’t assign a single rep to your account. 

You Get Three Teams Working To Cultivate For You!

The primary focus of team one is to capture all incoming phone and internet leads.
This team's primary focus is to contact all service appointments scheduled for the day with the goal of turning service customers into sales customer​s.
The team's primary focus is data-mining. We segment customers in your database that matches the customer’s buying behavior. ​

Ready For A Star Performance Phone Closer?

Sales BDC Solution

92% of all car buyers start their car buying journey online. 

The first entrance to your dealership has changed from the front door to your digital storefront. Central BDC puts the industry’s most elite phone closers on the front-line of your digital storefront. We deliver the most showroom traffic in the industry!

Included in Sales BDC

  • Internet Leads
  • Confirm Appointments
  • Missed Appointments
  • Inbound Phone-Ups
  • Email Campaigns
  • Unsold Showroom
  • CSI
  • Reputation Management

Data-Mining Call Center Solution

Our Sales Data-Mining Team segments customers in your database to draft a blueprint that matches the customer’s buying behavior. This customized approach creates urgency and gives the customer a reason to be in the market immediately. Our elite phone closers know how to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, bringing them into your showrooms.

Included in Data-Mining

  • Service-Drive
  • Conquest Service-Drive
  • Buy-Your-Car Campaigns
  • High-Interest
  • Lease Maturity
  • In-Equity
  • Custom Email Campaigns
  • End of Warranty
  • Lease Mileage Penalty
  • Lower Payment
  • Cash Buyers

What We Say

Teams 1 and 3 entice customers through our Employee Pricing Program.

Our target is new leads and all data mined opportunities.

“Employee Pricing is going on right now!
This is the best time to get out of your current vehicle and into a new car. Here are the reasons…”

  • Huge trade-in money!
  • Lowest prices of the year!
  • Biggest Selection!
  • Lowest APR!
  • Lowest Monthly Payments Available!

Our main goal is to turn your service appointment into a sales appointment.

“We want to over pay you for your present vehicle!”

The game plan is to entice your service customer to sell you their current vehicle!

  • Our scripting focuses on urgency and a need for their car!
  • Our promise is that we want to overpay for your present vehicle.

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