Star Performance Marketing

Setting a pace...way out front!

What We Do

Star Performance Marketing is a full service advertising agency. We are a virtual one stop when it comes to automotive advertising. We offer the following services.

Direct Mail



Event Promotion

Dealer Branding

Online Advertising

What Others Say


"I've been using Star Performance Marketing for the last 2 years. Not only have we increased our business but the change in culture, branding that SPM has brought to our company has just been incredible. Traffic has been up 30/40%!"

-- John "Johny" Mac, Barberino Mitsubishi


"I've been with Star Performance Marketing since Oct 2005. In the car business that kind of relationship with an advertising agency is unheard of.
They are the best there is. They fight for my positions and my buying power. "

-- Chris Vester, GM Hubert Vester Auto Group